Meet Our Team


Cristina Buaas – Owner, Travel Advisor

After graduating from Vanderbilt University, I began my professional career in finance followed by seven years in commercial real estate. Though it was not my initial career path, world travel has been a passion of mine since my youth. What began as informally planning vacations for family and friends led me to found CSB Travel in 2008, turning my love for travel into my full time career.

My goal at CSB Travel is to create transformative experiences and lifelong memories for my clients and their loved ones. I accomplish this goal with my rigorous planning process, which includes actively listening to my clients’ desires, bringing creative ideas to the table, helping them select the perfect itinerary, and executing on every aspect of the trip with attention to detail and dedication to top notch customer service.

Recent travels include Tanzania and Kenya, Walt Disney World, Italy, Spain, Australia, Napa and San Francisco, Vietnam and Laos, Cabo San Lucas, Greece, Morocco, Peru, Vancouver and Victoria, and a Rhine river cruise.


Kristie Beeler – Office Manager

As a Florida State University graduate in Hospitality Management with three years of hotel operations and management experience, I am very excited to be a part of the team at CSB Travel, LLC. I strive to continuously expand my knowledge of the travel industry as I pursue my passion to help people enjoy new experiences around the world.

As a missionary kid born in the Philippines, I grew up surrounded by diversity and was always fascinated with different customs and traditions. As a result, I understand the importance of broadening your world view and exploring other cultures. Growing up in Orlando, FL gave me an appreciation for beautiful beaches and the magic of Disney.

Through creativity and attention to detail, it is my honor to ensure our clients have an enriching, comfortable, and unforgettable experience.

Alison Stokes

Alison Stokes – Travel Coordinator/Social Media Manager

I am a native North Carolinian and grew up traveling domestically and abroad with my family. I have loved traveling and discovering new places since an early age! I had the pleasure of attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I majored in political science. While there I interned for a documentary production company in Miami, FL; I moved back shortly after graduating to resume working. I spent four wonderful years there and miss it dearly! After a short stint in Tulsa, OK, I moved with my husband to Houston, where we plan to stay.

Although I am new to the travel industry, I am excited to expand my knowledge of the world and arrange fun experiences for our clients. I love to read, research, plan, and create – all of which are essential to becoming an excellent travel advisor. I am thrilled to be part of the CSB Travel team and use my skills to curate amazing vacations for our clients!


Andy Butler – Independent Travel Advisor

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. After high school, I attended the University of North Carolina for undergraduate, then went on to receive my Medical Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. I began my professional career as an Emergency Medicine Physician, and am still in full-time practice.

Travel has been a passion of mine throughout my youth and as I grew up, and once in practice I began to see the importance of travel as dedicated time with my family and had the means to be able to travel well.

I have always been a detail person, and my penchant for building and tailoring travel itineraries for my family as well as other family members and friends became a passion. I have been lucky over the past year in my practice to have the time to turn my passion into a career, and am now proud to be a Professional Travel Advisor.


Kate Johnson – Independent Travel Advisor

I grew up traveling with my family from our small town in Louisiana. We spent holidays in Hawaii, cruising through the Caribbean and exploring the U.S., rarely visiting anywhere twice and fully immersing ourselves in different cultures.

I studied marketing at Southern Methodist University and while there, had the privilege of studying abroad in Paris and spending several weeks throughout Europe. After working in PR for several years in Dallas, I moved to Palo Alto with my husband and planned trips for ourselves and our friends throughout the U.S., South America, Asia, Canada and Spain.

We’re now settled in Houston with our two daughters and looking forward to showing them the world. I’m thrilled to bring my personal experience and passion for travel to clients to create travel experiences that will last a lifetime.


Katie Rollins – Independent Travel Advisor

After graduating with a BS from the University of Georgia, I began my career at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta before pursuing my deepest passion, my desire to travel. From a young age, I traveled extensively with my parents and came to appreciate the knowledge and wisdom gained from the unfamiliar.
Now I am eager to help others realize their personal travel dreams and the value of stepping outside of our comfort zone while exploring the wonders of the world.

My goal is to create custom itineraries for each type of traveler and memories that will last a lifetime. With unlimited access to Virtuoso and its network of seasoned advisors, exclusive benefits, and elite global travel partners, we can collaborate to enrich your travel experience.

I am here to make your travels seamless by providing consistent dedication to clients, outstanding customer service as well as attention to detail.


Laura Carlson – Independent Travel Advisor

I first worked with a travel advisor for my destination wedding and honeymoon because we didn’t know where to start, there was too much information and we didn’t know what advice to trust. So, we hired a travel advisor that understood our needs and could help create an amazing memorable experience. She provided inspiration, value, knowledge, expertise, trusted advice, saved us time, and gave us peace of mind. I loved what our travel advisor did for us. She inspired me to become a travel advisor and help other people have memorable experiences.

I trained with my travel advisor for 2 years to learn the industry and became a Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor. I will be your personal concierge throughout your trip, whether you love to relax on the beach, look for the big 5 on safari, cruise around the Mediterranean, or just need a short weekend getaway. Turn your travel dreams into reality with a custom itinerary that reflects your unique interests.


Lisa McKay – Independent Travel Advisor

At the age of 15, after spending time as a foreign exchange student in Brazil, I knew I was born to travel!

My education at Colorado Women’s College consisted of studying two languages, then three as well as history, geography and any class I could take that involved learning more about our world.

After spending time in the corporate world for 14 years, I took the leap to follow my passion and haven’t looked back since!


Maddy Moffitt – Independent Travel Advisor

After finishing at TCU with a Bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism, I worked in the broadcast field for some time and realized it may not be the best fit. I then went into sales at Hines Securities in Houston, Texas, where I was born and raised. From my Broadcast days, I developed a passion for sports and have traveled to many destinations to see different golf courses, basketball games, and Super Bowls all over the United States.

Since college, I have studied abroad in London, been to many of the beautiful Golf courses in Scotland and Ireland, seen Thailand with my best friend, spent a month in Australia/New Zealand, eaten my way through Italy, honeymooned in Bora Bora and had the opportunity to experience Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Prague, Belize and many more of the great places travel can introduce us to.

I know the importance of having an organized itinerary as well as one that meets the needs of each individual type of traveler. With unlimited access to Virtuoso, exclusive benefits, elite global travel partners, and many industry connections, I am here to customize trips and help bring to life the full experience you are looking for within your travels.


Nanci Cain – Independent Travel Advisor

I have always had a strong desire for studying and experiencing different cultures and destinations around the world. This passion was cultivated by my family hosting many international students during my childhood.

Now as a mother myself of four children, I understand the value of encouraging my own family to discover the unique peoples and customs of this world and all the hidden adventures that await them.

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and have spent 20 years in the education field with seven years specifically in admissions at an independent school. It is a true gift to now have a career working in a profession in which I can enrich the unique experiences of various cultures and destinations to my clients.


Sue Worscheh – Independent Travel Advisor

If there’s a place you’ve been dreaming of visiting, my goal is to make it happen for you. I’m excited to talk with you about what makes a great vacation and to craft an unforgettable experience that’s custom-built for you.

I grew up primarily in the UK but have also lived in Australia, France and Algeria, which developed a passion for experiencing different cultures, places and especially food!

After college I worked for British Aerospace which took me repeatedly to the US and Asia and then after getting my MBA at INSEAD in France I joined Merrill Lynch as an investment banker. I bring a strong eye for detail and value while putting my creativity and planning skills to work.

Now based in Texas, I’ve been planning vacations to Europe and beyond for family and friends and I’m looking forward to working with you on your next great memory.


Susan Lindstrom – Independent Travel Advisor

After graduating from Southwestern University as a certified math teacher, I became the Student Activities Director at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas.

I was in charge of planning, booking and taking the students on weekend day trips, as well as trips during spring break to Disney and skiing. This experience working with youth groups lead me to my career as a travel agent. I have over 10 years of industry experience, specializing in Disney vacations, cruises, land tours and ski vacations.

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