Client Perspective: Why a Travel Agent Makes Sense

Client Perspective: Why a Travel Agent Makes Sense

Recently we helped clients celebrate their long-overdue honeymoon in St. Lucia. The groom’s mother, Lisa Lou Zook,  was so impressed by CSB Travel’s services and was reminded why using a travel advisor is worth the expense. She wrote about it on her website, and we were so flattered by her words that we wanted to reshare it. Read on to see why, in Lisa’s opinion, working with a travel advisor is a great investment!


Our son and daughter (in law) were finally able to take a long-overdue honeymoon to St. Lucia in December. Cecelia interned one summer for a travel agent so naturally called the company to book their trip. What an incredible experience they had, and I was reminded WHY using a travel agent is worth the expense. Fees range depending on the service, but most charge between $300-350 to plan a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean Islands.

Mr. and Mrs. Zook!
Mr. and Mrs. Zook!

When you hire a professional, you benefit from all the influence and connections they have built over the years with the various hotels and resorts. Whatever perks the company is given, they can easily pass along to their clients. Look at the bonuses Caz and Cecelia received because they hired a travel expert:

  • $560: 7 days of free breakfast-for-2
  • $100: resort credit to spend as they wished
  • Bottle of champagne greeting them in their room upon arrival
  • Free wi-fi
  • Early check-in and late check-out

And the best upgrade of all: because there was availability, they were moved to one of the most expensive suites which came with a private butler!

Total benefits received: Just under $3,000!

Using an agent also guarantees other benefits. When Caz and Cecelia arrived, the hotel had already been informed of their food likes/dislikes/allergies, as well as the reason for the vacation, which came with its own bonuses provided by the hotel.

In our current, and post, COVID world I believe utilizing the many services of an agent becomes even more important. I am planning a trip to Maine for the summer. One of our friends who is traveling with us has a family member who lives in the state. We were just informed that a negative COVID test is required for those of us coming for a visit outside the state. It is either that, or we must quarantine for 10 days. I would not have known this if we had not been privy to this inside information.

My travel agent, though? She would have known. She would be able to give me all the scoop I need before departing on a trip. Flight delays or cancellations? Call your agent. Last minute emergency? Call your agent. Unplanned tour you wish to take after you arrive? Call your agent. And even better than this? A good agent will solve the many hiccups that arise with travel before you even know there is a problem. They become the point person for everything you do.

With a seasoned professional, your stress level is reduced dramatically, not to mention they know how to navigate the world of travel much better than most civilians, because they do it every day. For me, using an agent is like buying insurance for a trip. As our world begins to open back up, and we start to venture back out, having someone watch out for me is something I will not leave town without!

This is not a paid-for advertisement. I write this to convey my strong feelings on having an advocate when you travel, as well as to give a big THANK YOU to Cristina Buaas of CSB Travel for making my son and daughter (in law’s) honeymoon a smashing success! Be on the lookout for future posts on vacation etiquette, including one on traveling with friends! Here’s to exciting adventures for all of us in 2021!


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